Sunday, December 30, 2012

Digital Fun!

I’ve always enjoyed creating things on the computer…photo collages, birthday invites, holiday cards, etc. I’m mostly self taught with the exception of some tricks I’ve asked friends to help me with. My latest project has been teaching myself blog design so I can create my own design rather than searching for the free ones out there. The free ones are definitely cute but then you get the ads along with them. Right now my Momma on a Mission is a compilation of design. The background and header are by yours truly while other elements are courtesy of my friend, Holly.

I’ve hounded asked some of my fellow blogging friends asking if they’d let me try my hand at their blog and they’ve been so sweet to comply. Thanks dear friends! xo  Below you can see some of my recent work. If you’re in need of a new Facebook cover or some blog help let me know!

(Click to view her blog with design and tags by me.)

(Click to view her blog with design and tags by me.)

Miscellaneous designs:





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